Why Do I Need to Keep Good Records - HPCSA Guidelines Unpacked (FULL COURSE)


3 Videos, 1 online article 
12 Ethics Ceu's Package, Wilma Erasmus MSc PT


The HPCSA has reviewed and updated the Guide to Record Keeping in November 2022.  This reviewed document contains some significate updates that health care providers need to implement.   

During this online course the new guideline will be unpacked and the practical applications for health care providers  explained.  The various reasons for keeping good clinical notes will also be explained. 

After completing this course the participants should have an understanding of the requirements of the HPCSA in this regards and also understand the various reasons for keeping good, comprehensive clinical notes.

  • Clinical record keeping is an integral component in good professional practice and the delivery of quality healthcare. Regardless of the form of the records (i.e. electronic or paper), good clinical record keeping should enable continuity of care and should enhance communication between different healthcare professionals. 

    In this online course we will present the importance of keeping good clinical records, ways of facilitating this and an overview of legal aspects linked with clinical record keeping.

    The following topics will be covered: 

    1. Why do I need to keep good records?

    2. What do I need to record and how?

    3. Are there any legal issues I should be aware of?

    4. Accuracy and legibility of content

    5. Confidentiality and data protection

    6. Patients’ access to medical records



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