Applied Psychoneuro-immunology (PNI) - Expanding Conciousness


5 Videos, 2 online articles 
20 Ceu's Package, Dr Ian Weinberg - Neurosurgeon

  • How do stressful events and negative emotions influence the immune system, and how big are the effects? New multidisciplinary permutations provide fresh vistas and emphasize the importance of training psychologists more broadly so that they will be central and essential players in the advancement of biomedical science.

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  • In this on-line course, we use a PNI lens to understand and describe the complex influences of biology and psychology on inflammation.  Inflammation is an underlying etiological factor in many chronic diseases.  

    A brief description of brain-immune communication is first introduced as background, followed by a summary of inflammation's effect on health.  The biological, psychological, and psychosocial influences on inflammation are then discussed, followed by a review of inflammation and cellular aging.

  • The adventure begins with a concise, easy to understand but comprehensive review of relevant neuroscience. Here you will become familiar with the current understanding of neuroscience and how it underpins mind states and its effects on body function. Participation is encouraged.

    Content of Module 1: 

    1. A review of the pathways of psychoneuro-immunology (PNI)
    2. Understanding the chemistry underpinning mind states
    3. A detailed review of the chemistry of wellness and performance
    4. Insights into the chemistry of emotion and cognitive function


  • This model was originally developed more than twenty-five years ago and has evolved to the present time. It provides the working platform for profiling individuals in the form of archetypes. Each archetype incorporates the relevant nurture history, subjective beliefs as well as the associated neuro- and immune chemistry.

  • The Triangles Model is expanded to include a clear understanding of mindfulness in a neuroscience context. Further applications are reviewed specifically in the areas of communication and leadership.

  • This part of the journey deals specifically with intervention. In the context of the Triangles Model, principles of neuromodulation (coaching in a neuroscientific context) are discussed at length. Here you will become familiarized with the approach required to enhance your mind state and your neuro-immune chemistry. This self-empowering session brings together all the preceding modules.


  • Neurophysics is introduced based on simplified elements of quantum physics. The Triangles Model is then incorporated and the interface between our subjectivity and the greater environment is then explained. 



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