Management of Neuropathic Pain - Part 2

What is the best treatment methodology for peripheral neuropathic pain or pain resulting from injury to nerve roots or peripheral nerve trunks? 

How best should the symptoms of clinical manifestations of peripheral neuropathic pain be described? This course examines some conservative options for treatment and raises questions about their efficacy. Not all patients, it seems, will respond equally to neurodynamic mobilization techniques and different treatment parameters. The course will discuss the way in which interventions can be individualized to address the nuances of each patient’s presentation of peripheral neuropathic pain.

Part 1 & 2 must be taken together.


3 CEUs



There was one question in the exam that had a true or false selection down twice. I selected the first false and was given an incorrect mark. Then on the re-test I choose the second false and the mark was given to me. Please check this for others.


I had trouble with Question 10 and 11 where I had to choose more than one correct answer. The system would let me choose only one option, i.e., it wouldn't keep previously checked options ticked.


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