Physical Treatment of Cervical Disorders


5 Videos, 5 online articles + 1 Ethics course
33 Ceu's Package, Dr Toby Hall - PhD, MSc, Post Grad Dip Manip Ther. FACP and
Kim Robinson - B App Sci (Physio) 
Grad Dip Manip Ther (Distinctions), FACP

This online course presents a comprehensive approach to the evaluation and management of cervical neuro-musculoskeletal pain disorders suitable for physical treatment.  Of special interest will be evidence based clinical practice, emphasizing clinical examination, evaluation through clinical
reasoning, differential diagnosis, & management.  This course explores the available evidence regarding the use of manual therapy and exercise and presents a comprehensive examination process to enable individualized management combining MT & exercise.

Consideration is also given to serious pathology and the identification of barriers to recovery.

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  • It's every physiotherapist's worst nightmare: something going horribly wrong during examination and treatment of a patient.

    This course examines the issue of neurovascular complications such as vertebrobasilar arterial dissection following Cervical Manipulative Therapy and evaluates whether or how physiotherapists can avoid or prevent the nightmare.

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  • This online course describes a multi-modal treatment approach:  an evidence-based approach for treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders with special reference to neck pain sufferers. This approach utilizes therapeutic pain science education, dynamic manual therapy and exercise therapy. This online course describes techniques which provide effective treatment of neck pain to allow patients to exercise earlier in the rehabilitation process.

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  • Physiotherapists frequently see patients with neck pain in clinical practice; it is one of the four musculoskeletal disorders that have a major burden on society. Stratifying patients in either subgroups or based on their prognosis (prediction of recovery) might be useful in guiding physiotherapy management decisions. Manual therapy, exercise and education usually in combination seem to be the preferred evidence-based physiotherapy treatments for most patients with neck pain.

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  • Dizziness is an extremely common complaint yet is also a very difficult condition to diagnose and therefore to treat. This on-line course demonstrates how manual therapy can substantially reduce symptoms of cervicogenic dizziness.

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