Exercise and Function without Pain

Exercise and Function without Pain

We all know that exercise is good for us. There’s scientific evidence that shows that people who exercise are generally healthier, fitter, live longer and are less likely to develop a number of disabling medical conditions. As therapists, we often use exercise to reduce patients’ acute and chronic back, neck, shoulder and knee symptoms.

But what if your patients can’t exercise, function or correct their posture effectively because pain inhibits their movement? How often do your patients just want to give up on their rehabilitation because of this? And how frustrating is it for you not to be able to use your skills as a physiotherapist to the fullest extent possible?

This article describes an innovative, practical, quick and easy approach that will give you effective tools to enable your patients to function and/or exercise without pain as well as increase your confidence to utilise exercise as part of patient management.

It’s called Exercise and Function without Pain (EFWP) and it’s making a huge impact on physical rehabilitation across South Africa.


Excellent value for my practice.  Maserame Hlongwane, Biokineticist, Johannesburg





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