The Sacro-Iliac Joint - Part 2

The Sacro-Iliac Joint - Part 2


Excellent value for my practice.  Dieketseng Moloi, Physiotherapist, Kroonstad 

Good value for my practice. Surene Janse van Vuuren, Biokineticist, Brakpan 

Good value for my practice.  Elizabeth Stadler, Physiotherapist, Pretoria


We all know that physical factors impact joint motion. But what factors influence the actual mechanics of the joint? Are they purely “mechanical”, or could something else be at play?

This course briefly outlines the assessment findings and the principles for management of the various factors that impact function of the SIJ. It also provides a comprehensive methodology for the effective management of pelvic pain and dysfunction





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Starts: Thursday, January 1 1970 at 12:00 AM
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