Groin Pain: A View from Below

Groin Pain: A View from Below


Good value for my practice.  Khumbuza Reagan Cele, Physiotherapist, Stellenbosch

Thank you so much - was a good refresher course summing up all aspects.  Good value for my practice.  Anni Gerryts, Biokineticist, Pretoria 

Great article - groin pain is often considered as not something a podiatrist would treat. I've had loads of success in treating groins as part of the team attending to the patient.  Excellent value for my practice.  Nelfrie Kemp, Podiatrist, Umhlanga Ridge

Chronic groin pain is a common problem in athletes. The multifactorial nature and the various anatomical structures that contribute to groin pain have made the condition difficult to prevent and manage. Early detection and intervention are the keys to optimal management and prevention of chronic injury. This course provides the clinician and podiatrist in particular with an understanding of the entity, focuses on the biomechanical risks associated with groin pain from a lower extremity perspective and introduces the role of podiatry as an effective adjunct to the multi-disciplinary groin management team.






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