Nutrition and Patient Outcome


3 Videos, 2 online articles 
15 Ceu's Package, Dr. Adam Cunliffe - Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition 

  • There is a powerful link between the brain and nutritional status. This video will examine how diet, mood and cognitive ability are linked and this knowledge can be applied. From the development of the nervous system through to impairment in cognitive capacity in old age, nutrition can play a key role in enhancing and protecting the functions of the central nervous system. Fatigue states, depression and eating disorders will be considered. Examples of nootropics, natural aphrodisiacs and sleep and relaxation aids will be given.

  • Prescribe Nutrition Treatment protocols for your musculoskeletal patients presenting with: 

    • Degenerative Joint Disease;

    • Osteoporosis;

    • Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Myofascial Pain Tunnel Syndrome Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; and

    • more

  • This video lecture will explore the nature and function of inflammation and pain. Acute and chronic inflammatory responses will be examined and nutritional strategies to reduce pain by targeting the molecular mechanisms underlying disruptions in homeostasis will be highlighted. The evidence base for the most effective diet and supplement approaches will be presented with respect to pain and chronic disease.

  • This video explores the basics of the immune system and the role of nutrition in maintaining best defence against infectious and non-infectious disease states. Topical examples from infectious and non-communicable diseases (cancer and cardiovascular disease) will be examined with effective practical diet and supplement advice on how to minimize both risks and consequences.

    Evidence based but accessible, this Webinar is suitable for all those interested in how to optimize immune function using nutrition.



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