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CBD Certification Online Course


20 CEUs

    CBD is a single compound in the Cannabis plant, from the Cannabaceae family of plants. Cannabis produces many naturally occurring compounds, including CBD.

    When we consume activated cannabinoids, we can experience the therapeutic benefits of the Cannabis plant.  Both CBD and THC cannabinoids, as well as the other cannabinoids found within Cannabis, assist the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and can contribute to greater health. These cannabinoids can be leveraged separately, or together, helping individuals improve their wellness.

    Intended Audience

    This course deals exclusively with CBD, the non-psychoactive Cannabinoid in Cannabis. CBD in a low dose does not require a script and can be obtained in health stores. It is often used by healthcare providers who do not want to enter the minefield of prescribing a schedule 6 substance i.e. medical Cannabis. 

    It is a comprehensive course for medical professionals, CBD-curious consumers, Cannabis consultants and Cannabis industry professionals and will take approximately 20-25 hours to complete.


    This course has been designed to walk you through the fundamentals of CBD and how using the science and research of this natural medicine can possibly improve your health and wellness.  This course will certify you to confidently prescribe CBD to your patients who suffer from acute and chronic pain, anxiety and depression amongst other symptoms (also see syllabus module 9 – CBD for specific ailments).

    Desired Tone

    The course takes a conversational yet professional approach to articulate the science of the plant. While the course encourages the perpetuation of Cannabis research, accuracy and is up-to-date, the content is free from bias.


    This course is accredited with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) for 20 CPD points.  The accreditation is valid until end-2024!

    Course Syllabus

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Nutritional Approaches to Anti-Ageing


3 CEUs

    1 Video
    3 Ceu's Package, Dr. Adam Cunliffe - Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition 

    Recent advances in nutritional and ageing science at cellular and systems level have given real hope for increasing healthspan and lifespan in humans. By reducing the impact of age-related degenerative diseases and simultaneously delaying cellular senescence, significant increases in healthy longevity are possible. Blue Zone diets and breakthrough supplements will be described and their impact on reducing age related muscle and bone loss examined. The inhibition of age-related glycation and the effects of fasting will also be explored with respect to their theoretical and evidenced ability to slow ageing in humans.


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Food, Mood and Cognitive Function
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    1 Video, 1 online article
    6 Ceu's Package, Dr Adam Cunliffe - Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition