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Nutritional Approaches to Anti-Ageing


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    3 Ceu's Package, Dr. Adam Cunliffe - Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition 

    Recent advances in nutritional and ageing science at cellular and systems level have given real hope for increasing healthspan and lifespan in humans. By reducing the impact of age-related degenerative diseases and simultaneously delaying cellular senescence, significant increases in healthy longevity are possible. Blue Zone diets and breakthrough supplements will be described and their impact on reducing age related muscle and bone loss examined. The inhibition of age-related glycation and the effects of fasting will also be explored with respect to their theoretical and evidenced ability to slow ageing in humans.


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Working Therapeutically with DREAMS and Altered States of Consciousness
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    24 Ceu's Package, Denise Grobbelaar - Clinical and Analytical Psychologist

    Q & A session - date TBC

    Our dreams may offer valuable information at the deepest levels of our personalities and the manner in which we live out our humanity. Understanding the images of our dreams could increase our self-awareness and awareness of the world around us.   Dreams can be seen as a pathway to heightened consciousness, wisdom and an expanded sense of self.  

    Dreams are the gateway to the unconscious and can assist to uncover underlying issues through a tracking of themes and patterns presented in the images.  Dream work offers a deep insight into internal conflicts, identify barriers to healing and growth, as well as possible solutions. As a therapeutic tool this can be invaluable. This course is aimed at training professionals in working therapeutically with dreams and other altered states of consciousness.


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Food, Mood and Cognitive Function
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    6 Ceu's Package, Dr Adam Cunliffe - Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition

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Nutrition and Patient Outcome
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    15 Ceu's Package, Dr. Adam Cunliffe - Masters degree and PhD in Human Nutrition