Jodi Wolmer

Jodi Wolmer

BSc (Phys), Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist

Jodi Wolmer is a qualified physiotherapist with 15 years of experience exclusively in respiratory care. After 8 years of working in the UK, both in the public and private setting as a lead Respiratory physiotherapist, she has extensive experience in both respiratory and critical care. Jodi has run advanced respiratory training programmes in the UK and SA, teaching the latest evidence-based practice and the role of physiotherapy in the critical care setting. 

Her recent post graduate training has included certification as a Buteyko practitioner. Jodi currently runs a respiratory outpatient clinic in Bryanston, working with chronic respiratory disease with a special interest in asthma and breathing pattern disorders. She also runs pulmonary rehabilitation programmes.  

Jodi also has been lecturing for Clinical Solutions, CPRG and South African Thoracic congress since 2013.