Practical Dry Needling Level Two with Covid-19 requirements (Dry needling in the garden)

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Course description

This course will be conducted in accordance with the most stringent safety guidelines and regulations.

  1. All teaching will take place outdoors, in a garden.
  2. Theory will be presented as webinars to be studied prior to the course.
  3. Participants will be required to wear a well-fitting surgical mask and a face shield.
  4. Small group teaching.
If you are working in an active Covid ward and have been in contact with Covid positive patients within 2 weeks of the course, you will not be able to attend the course. 


Level One - 75% of the muscles in the Lumbar, Cervical and Extremities regions
Level Two – This will include the balance of the muscles and will specifically focus on the muscles considered to be of higher risk for complications.

Please note:  You are able to needle muscles taught, but will not be insured for the needling of muscles you have not been taught should a complication occur.

After completing Level One and Level Two, the practitioner should be able to:

  • Describe the anatomy of the involved muscles, including the action and innervations of these muscles;

  • Locate the trigger points in these muscles;

  • Come to a differential diagnosis;

  • Identify activating and perpetuating factors for each muscle;

  • Treat these trigger points using acupuncture Dry Needling;

  • Provide corrective action and advice to the patient; and

  • Prescribe home-based exercises to stretch and strengthen the involved muscles.

  • Saturday 9 October | 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 17 (8 for the course + 9 for e-Learning)
  • Standard R2150, Comm Service R2050, R5250 when paid at the same time for both Level One and Level Two

* All courses accredited by an appropriate accrediting academic institution and or statutory authority for the relevant profession


"This course was wonderful.  Dr. Yelverton is approachable, teaches at a good pace, and is friendly and knowledgeable.  It was wonderful to get such a wonderful lunch.  I highly recommend this course."  Sanchia Ferreira, Physiotherapist

"Chris is brilliant.  His approach is logical and easy to understand.  Difficult/risky areas are no longer scary but still respected."  Jeanne Marais, Physiotherapist

"Excellent value for physiotherapy.  Layout of entire dry needling course is excellent as it gives you a good basis from level 1 through to advanced dry needling."  Lume Brits, Physiotherapist