Peripheral and Spinal Manipulation

Peripheral and Spinal Manipulation

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Course description

David Lintonbon Rgd Osteopath and lecturer from the London School of Osteopathy will safely teach you how to use Grade 5 manipulations (commonly known as an HVT – High Velocity Thrust). During this 3 day course you will also learn specific manipulation, mobilisation and muscle energy techniques for the pelvis, sacroiliac joint, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. Along with peripheral techniques for the shoulder, a/c s/c, elbow wrist, hand and foot and ankle.

This course is perfect for you if you work with athletes and use manual therapy.

On completion of the course you will be able to competently and safely manipulate and mobilise the joints of the pelvis, lumbar and thoracic spine etc.

This is a very intense course using a high standards of practical skill; therefore you must be an experienced therapist to attend this course e.g. Osteopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, or be a student of Osteopathy and / or Chiropractic with an excellent knowledge of Mobilisation / Manipulative techniques.

Only very safe techniques will be taught.

Balens and Co will provide the necessary insurance for this course but only for qualified Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors. If you are a Sports Therapist or Sports Massage Therapist then you will need to contact your own insurance company prior to attending this course.

  • Friday 31 July | 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 1 August | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sunday 2 August | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 26 (24 for the course + extra 1 (2 Ceus) free optional Ethics e-Learning)
  • Standard R5 950, R5 355 extra 10% discounted within 24 hours
  • Fritz Sonnenberg Drive, Mouille point - Cape Town

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