The Exercise and Function without Pain Level 1: Discover the Revolutionary Approach for the Treatment of Spine Pain – A Multimodal Clinical Concept

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Course description

NB:  This course is only suitable for physiotherapists.

2 Day LIVE Event Opportunity

Exercise and Function WITHOUT Pain

Approved for 31 CEU's (online included)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your patients' unresolved or acute pain?

How would you like to speed up the rehab process with painless, early exercise and avoid recurrence of symptoms?

We all know that exercise is good for us.  As therapists, we often use exercise to reduce a patient's acute or chronic pain, and increase range of motion and muscle strength.  But what if your patients can't exercise or function because pain inhibits their movement or if exercise aggravates their condition? 

Did you know that properly trained clinicians can stimulate their patients' Endocannabinoid System to drive a Faster Return to Function?

How would you like to be among the first in George to witness and learn from renowned South African physiotherapist, Arie Michaeli, whose clinically proven techniques and concepts in manual therapy are revolutionising patient treatment around the world.  Now you can, by attending an exclusive seminar that's wowed therapists from Florida (SA) to Florida (USA). 

What You'll Learn

During this seminar, you'll learn to master revolutionary, clinically-proven, active manual therapy approach to using exercise to manage and prevent the recurrence of patient pain, thus accelerating the recovery time.  

You'll learn how to:

  • Enhance regulation of the Endocannabinoid System for Pain Modulation
  • Relate clinical anatomy and pathology to the importance of movement in injury recovery
  • Boost the neuroimmune system

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you'll be able to effectively treat patients with unresolved or acute pain

Learn how therapeutic patient education including psychosocial input and exercise therapy can be adjusted in line with the patient's individual needs to produce a positive outcome.  All components of this method combine to produce an analgesic effect, increase range of motion and muscle strength, and may also help to boost the neuroimmune system.

Boost your skills 

  • Clinically assess spinal pain (lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine).

  • Stimulate the endocannabinoid system for pain-free exercise.

  • Apply of isometric exercise as an effective treatment for tendinopathy and overall pain relief.

  • Reconcile biomechanics with pain science.

  • Master dynamic oscillatory mobilisation.

  • Learn about end-range proprioception activation.

  • Find out about Functional Breathing Integration.

  • Develop techniques for growing patient awareness through movement.

  • Treat patients with unresolved or acute pain.

  • Manage and prevent recurrence of pain.

A Unique Event

  1. You will be able to treat patients you previously could not because of their pain level.

  2. Using exercise as the primary approach for managing pain and preventing recurrence, you will gain confidence for early exercise prescription and rehabilitation, with little chance of aggravating the condition.

  3. Eighty percent of workshop time is clinical.

  4. A revolutionary, evidence-based treatment approach is taught, with a strong emphasis on early rehabilitation and active manual therapy.

  5. Pre-event online reading is provided, helping to save time and allow ample in-event participation.

  6. Ample time is given to master the techniques taught so that clinical application is enhanced.

  7. Evidence-based outcomes are emphasised with assessment forms provided for easy evaluation of the techniques taught.

  8. A modified manual therapy component is taught, consisting of:

    • Dynamic oscillatory mobilisation

    • End of range over pressure

    • Breathing

    • Awareness through movement

  9. The combination of these techniques has not previously been described and has been proven clinically.

  • Friday 13 March | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Saturday 14 March | 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • 31 (16 for the course + 12 for e-Learning + 3 Ethics e-Learning)
  • NON SASP R2600, SASP SIG Member R2400, SASP Non-SIG Member R2400
  • 86 Davidson Road, George

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