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Over the past two years, physical therapy bloggers have come, and physical therapy bloggers have gone. As such, I felt that it was about time to update my original post (The Top 13 PT Blogs You Should Be Reading). If you’re looking to learn from the people who are pushing this profession forward, then look no further.  Of note, I made sure to only include blogs that post high quality content consistently (minimum 1 post/month).

As a reminder, these physical therapy blogs are in no particular order! They are, however, categorized based on my whims.

Without further ado, here are the top 21 physical therapy blogs you should be reading!

1. Clinically Focused

Winner of Therapydia’s coveted Best Overall Blog for 2013,* *which should be enough to make you click on the link and check it out.  Seriously, stop reading this description and just click the link.

The Manual Therapist

Winner of Therapydia’s coveted Best Overall Blog for 2014,* *which should be enough to make you click on the link and check it out.  Seriously, stop reading this description and just click the link!

Allan Besselink

A blog that is forward thinking, with a nice mix of serious & lighthearted topics, and written by a physical therapist with extensive clinical experience and an obvious passion for the profession.  Here is one of my favorite posts of his.

Julie Wiebe PT

Had to pick one person to represent the Pelvic Mafia on this list.  If you have an interest in pelvic health, check out this blog.  Also, check out the hashtag #pelvicmafia on Twitter for access to a ton of other useful content.

In Touch Physical Therapy

Penned by Harrison Vaughan, DPT out of Virginia.  This blog is rich with content, and its tagline explains it much better than I ever could: “Physical Therapy Blog on Evidenced-Informed Orthopedics, Manual Therapy and Knowledge Translation from Academia to Clinical Practice”.

Forward Thinking PT

Another blog focused on EBP and advocacy   They do a great job incorporating video into their posts, which I love.  After you’ve gone through their blog, be sure to check out the rest of the site; they have really valuable resources including a list of clinical prediction rules and analysis of commonly utilized orthopedic special tests (including sensitivity and specificity of each test!)

2. Business Focused

Ben Fung’s Blog

* *A rare blend of a clinician who is also grabbing an MBA… so you know his opinion on business/marketing holds more weight than other clinicians who like to pretend they know what they’re talking about when it comes to business (read: me).

Clinicient Blog

Tips on improving your clinic’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), patient retention, and daily operations.  They’ve got a nice mix of text-based posts and webinars.

WebPT Blog

WebPT provides great content.  If you are struggling to figure out what the heck PQRS is, or what Medicare is going to do next, this is a great place to start.

Here’s a great blog for the private practice owners out there, specifically those operating or considering operating a cash-based clinic.  The blog is both a ‘How To’ for starting a PT clinic as well as a place for general musings and industry analysis.

3. The Enigmas

Both of these blogs are penned by a (wo)man writing under a pseudonym (CynicalPT and CinemaAir, respectively).  All I know is they’re both smart PT’s who have opinions worth listening to.  Of note, both blogs feature pretty awesome interviews with some pretty awesome PTs.

The Awesome PT

(Formerly The Cynical Physical Therapist) It’s got PT-themed memes, people… MEMES!! This blog’s got a mix of serious topics and jokes- all with a hefty dose of cynicism.

Cinema Says

Kills it with the interviews, and also provides some high quality analysis on where the PT industry should be heading.

4. The Skeptics

Every blog in this grouping is heavily science-based… all gold standards for developing critical thinking & reasoning.


True, SomaSimple is not a blog… but I don’t care. It needs to be on this list.  Mostly because if I included all the bloggers/contributors on Soma that should be featured in* *this category, it would be the 65 PT Blogs you Should be Reading.  If you head over to SomaSimple & dive in, you’ll find a ton of great content by great writers like the ones listed below (stuff like this).  If you’re looking for a community of experienced clinicians, ongoing dialogue, and a healthy dose of skepticism, you’ll find it here. Despite the fact that I don’t often contribute to the discussion boards, I am a Grade A lurker, and find myself especially drawn to the Neuro? Logical! forum.


Body in Mind is a group of Australian clinician/scientists exploring pain as it relates to the body and mind (duh).  Based out of Australia, Body In Mind focuses on providing evidence-based research & analysis on the issues encountered in every orthopedic clinic.


This is a brand new blog “where physiotherapy gets logical” written by two of our friends Kenny Venere and Chris Joyce.  Both of these guys are ahead of the curve, think critically (and force you to do the same), and are  the type of people we need pushing our profession forward.  Check them out and thank me later!

Keith’s Korner

Science-based medicine, research and (above all else) critical thinking are highlighted in this blog.  It really is difficult to take on heavy concepts while maintaining a conversational tone, but Keith manages to do both with ease.

The Sports Physio

Cheerio, mate!  Our first blogger from across the pond, so put another shrimp on the barbie (that’s what British people say, right?).  The blog, written by Adam Meakins, takes the phrase “there are no sacred cows” to heart, which is really what our profession needs in my humble opinion.

Better Movement

Includes almost two hundred free articles that discuss the science of movement and pain. You can find a lot of this information elsewhere by slogging through textbooks, internet articles or Pubmed. But on this blog it is presented in a format that is condensed, readable, accurate and practical.

HealthSkills Blog

Well, if you’ve read this far… you’ve reached our first Easter Egg.  There are actually 22 blogs in this list, because I somehow missed  this great one!  If you want to learn about the nuances of chronic pain & patient care, then check this out!

5. Somewhere in Between

Some business, some advocacy, a little clinical talk, with some technology peppered in.  These are your catch-alls… where you can get a bit of everything

PT Think Tank

If I’m being honest, this is the only blog on the list that isn’t in my “PT Blog Bookmark Folder”.  The reason it’s not in the folder is because it has its own place on my bookmark toolbar.  It was one of the first places I stumbled upon when I first found the online PT community, and their messages immediately resonated with me. Plus, us Quinnipiac grads need to stick together.  If you are just entering the social media scene, their PT Hashtag Project is required reading.

PT Talker

A podcast-based blog that’s focused on advocating for both the profession as a whole, as well as for the individual experts within our field.  All of the podcasts are downloadable MP3s, which is handy when you’re on the go.

Evidence In Motion Blog

EIM is well known throughout rehabilitation for its focus on education and advocacy, and their blog doesn’t disappoint.  I hope that over time I can find a way to convey my passion for the profession with only half the force, clarity, and effectiveness of these guys.  If you want to know where the profession is going, what you should be doing, or just want to get pumped up reading about physical therapy (which I wasn’t sure was possible a year ago), head over and dive in.